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Patient Testimonials

Ellen S.

"I was too busy holding on to the " what-ifs" of what I knew I wanted and what was right. Dr.Krywiak performed a clearing and we discussed and cleared the blockages. Once, I was able to let all of that go, my body and mind were on the path to healing and I've been able to make clearer choices and start down a path again I once left behind."

Beth G.

"Energy is a powerful thing. I knew I was harboring something but I didn't know what it was nor did I realize the impact it was having on my every day life. Thankfully Adriana knew exactly what and how to remedy my chaos. With a open and loving heart she worked with me to extract the negative and replace the positive. She taught me about the power of control we have within through self awareness and gave me techniques to assist me along the way. I am forever enlightened and grateful!"

Keri Sparenga, Artist

"I had been having a lot of negativity in my life both mentally and physically and the stress was overwhelming. I went to Adrianna for the initial 3 visits to clear my energy. Even if you are a skeptic just try it out. She sat me down, calmly spoke to me about my problems, told me her intentions of clearing out my layers to make room for less anxiety and more positive changes, and then worked at moving the negativity away. I would definitely go again because she makes you feel so comfortable and the service she provides helped me mentally find inner peace and move forward. Whatever your tribulation or affliction Adrianna has the tools to help you through and bring you closure, energy, peace, and an opening for more good things to come."